Photography by Chad Moore
Text by Nicolas de Saint Mars

COP, Kyoto Protocol, Paris Agreement… Since 1995 (nineteen ninety-five, in other words, 23 years ago) over one hundred countries have united annually to talk about the climate, and the fight against global warming. What are the results? Nonbinding decisions meant to placate large polluters… And so, for the last 23 years, an array of protagonists have engaged in a kind of freestyle tango dance of their own, where every effort is made to maintain appearances, while in effect sanctifying our good old industries. Must we wait for THE catastrophe? A large majority of citizens don’t believe we should even have to ask such questions. 90% of us consider climate change “very concerning,” or “fairly concerning.”

Let us rise up as a single voice, because climate change is also a symbol – one that calls for change to our way of life. Let us invent our own solutions for living other ways, and sustainably. Let us progressively reappropriate production, to make it local, circular and renewable. We will finance it collectively. Yes, we the people have the ability to reinvent our way of life.

*Sociological study conducted by IPSOS for the EDF account, since 2012.