Photography by Stevie & Mada
Styling by Morgane Camille Nicolas
Model Isabel MacInnes
Casting Jane Morineau

A grain of sand

Do you see
this grain of sand

Lying loosely
in my hand?

Do you know
to me it brought

Just a simple
loving thought?

When one gazes
night by night

On the glorious
stars of light,

Oh how little
seems the span

Measured round
the life of man.

Oh! how fleeting
are his years

With their smiles
and their tears;

Can it be that God
does care

For such atoms
as we are?

Then outspake
this grain of sand

“I was fashioned
by His hand

In the star lit realms
of space

I was made to have
a place”.

Should the ocean
flood the world,

Were its mountains
’gainst me hurled

All the force
they could employ

Wouldn’t a single
grain destroy;

And if I, a thing
so light,

Have a place within
His sight;

You are linked unto
his throne

Cannot live nor die

Frances Watkins Harper (1825-1911) was an African-American abolitionist, suffragist, poet, teacher, public speaker, and writer.