Photography by Camille Summers-Valli
Styling by Kyanisha Morgan
Text by Nicolas de St Mars

Replace the words

The environment is too important to be relegated to the single domain of politics. Firstly, political timelines are too short. Depending on the country, political mandates generally don’t go beyond five years. Lastly, even before getting elected, politicians only seek one thing: reelection. Of course, the environment often occupies an important posi- tion in electoral campaigns, but it just as often collides with established dogmas, and ends as a simple publicity display.

Moreover, the game of opposition between political parties renders it impossible to find a con- sensus to basic environmental problems, simply because environmentalism has become a political category. We tend to prefer confrontation rather than resolution, because a good quip will always make headlines, but good, collective decisions are always relinquished to backseat editorials.

Lastly, the political world at large is itself regulated by the economy, in which lobbies hold considerable sway. Why not find solutions to problems caused by the use of palm oil, glyphosate, or other topics? Very simply to honor the short-term profits of a few.

Indeed, the environment must be removed from the bosom of politics, and thought of as a universal good. What could be more universal than our planet?

And yet, commerce has its global organization, finance and politics as well, but not the environment. It’s time to reverse the burden of proof. When a company wants to be virtuous today, it is faced with norms that have to be met, labels or other ridiculous, requisite decorations. However, wouldn’t it be more judicious to overturn this system of values and invert the given roles? Wouldn’t it be more accurate to identify labels as, “produced in order not to last,” or “made by intensive farming?” Why must one always provide justification in one case, and never in the other?

I hereby propose that in all documents and publications, we replace the words, environment and ecology, to be regrouped under the simple title: Health.
For what could be more normal than wanting to work toward Health? What future manufacturer would produce, without respecting Health? It is our responsibility to criminalize those who threaten human Health, for that is the real issue we face, and nothing more.